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Caraiva is located in the south of Bahia, just North of the Monte Pascoal National Park. With the river on one side and the sea on the other, our little corner of Brazil is bound to enchant you. It’s a place where time has stopped, full of natural wonders and attractions.

Mapa de caraiva

  • 1. Pousada e Restaurante Lagoa
  • 2. Lan house
  • 3. Pharmacy
  • 4. Medical practice
  • 5. Library
  • 6. Council
  • 7. River crossing
How to get here:

By plane:
The closest airport to us is Porto Seguro airport (Bahia – BPS). From there you can take a taxi or a bus to Caraiva.

By bus:
The bus company is called Aguia Azul with daily departures from:
• Eunápolis e Itabela: +55 73 3281-3469
• Arraial D’Ajuda e Trancoso: +55 73 3575-1170

By car:
If you are coming from the South you can get here by going on the BR-101, between Itamaraju and Itabela. Then turn right on BR-489 until the Monte Pascoal. Drive 43 km of track road until Caraiva – just follow the signs.
If you are coming from the North, turn right on the BR-367 (Eunápolis / Porto Seguro), until the Trancoso roundabout. From there there’s 32 km of track road until Caraiva – just follow the signs.

When you arrive in Caraiva, the cars are parked on the far side of the river. You need to cross the river in canoes, a perfect ritual for you to start getting used to the local rhythm.