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Today, almost two decades since our launch, Pousada Lagoa is an integral part of Caraiva. We strove from the very beginning to respect the natural resources of the surrounding area as well as the needs of the local community. During construction, we researched and sought to preserve the local building style and techniques, to protect the groundwater, as well as employ and train local labour.

Onsite there is a well and a small lake, so we make sure the quality of the water is tested periodically. We took special care when building our sewage system, we re-use the water from the laundry and waste is totally separated for the recycling process. All organic waste is used to make a compost for the garden – where we grow local plant species and fruit.

But the most precious part of all, here at Lagoa, is the people that live and work here. Strong links with the local community, respect for all our employees and the constant training of our team are our central concerns. These values are clearly reflected in the care you will receive when you are our guest.